Offhand Stands
Offhand Stands


This Deluxe Anodized Aluminum stand is used to rest the rifle between shots when shooting the standing position. It is lightweight but strong and designed to take the weight of a heavy rifle. It also positions the ammunition block in the most convenient location. The shooter can deliver shot after shot with absolutely no shift of their position. The stand is compact so that it is not in the way on the range and it collapses to 24” for ease of transporting. This deluxe stand will extend to 60” and comes with a choice of either an MTM SB200 .22 cal ammo loading box or a pellet tray which can hold either a tin of pellets or a match pellet box. #CCMB Match Pellet Box sold separately. Additional accessories may be purchased separately if the shooter would like to have the pellet tray and .22 ammo box accessories on the same offhand stand.


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